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Active Education Summer Party

The Active Education Summer Party is a Blue Light Murray Bridge initiative going on for its 4th year in a row at Tyndale Christian School in Murray Bridge. With almost 50 youths from the ages of 6 - 14 this was going to be a day of fun and excitement for all ages (adults included).

Activities started up with split groups with one group going to paint a ceramic pot and then plant a seedling in it to take home with them. A certain Police Officer got quite into this one and I found out later that he is an ex art teacher so this was right up his alley. The other group went for some more physically energetic Survivor style activities with obstacle courses and puzzles where they got to expand on their problem solving and leadership skills.

Morning tea was 2 gigantic platters of fruit which vanished before my eyes and lunch was some rather yummy hamburgers with salads again which vanished without a trace into small hungry bellies. A thank you and well done goes out to the Blue Light team for the wonderful food.

After lunch had settled down it was time for round two of activities first of which being the every single event participant playing catch. Booo, boring right, nope, water balloons make everything better. The official line being practicing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills by throwing and catching water balloons but who needs a reason to have this much fun.

We then split back off into the two groups with one group showing off their slip and slide skills. Lots of soap, water and fun was had for this one with additional bonus points for some very stylish sliding skills. The other activity was a inflatable water slide with a continuous procession of participants keeping us all busy until the end.

All in all it was a very fun and enjoyable event for both the participants and staff.

A big thank you to the Blue Light Team for organizing the event and providing the food and another big thank you to the crew from Active Education for running all of the amazing activities.

I hope to see you all again later in the year.

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