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Dirt Wars Survivor

Dirt Wars Survivor is a 9km course with over 90 obstacles. Their catch phrase is "Australia's most laid back race" and that is spot on.

Unfortunately this will be the final time that this event is running. There were two session for this year, Night Attack which started at 9pm made everything a whole lot more challenging with only head lamps to light up the MASSIVE course. There was then a 9am course the next day which was much more chill and layed back with everyone having an amazing time and making the most out of the very last time they could run the course.

You can see the variety of obstacles in the photos below with lots of water and mud to make it that extra bit slippery and challenging.

A real country atmosphere from real country people. The people from the Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park are a great mob who will bend over backwards to make sure everyone has a great time. You never know what they will think of next. Stay tuned.

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