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Judith's Walk

In February 2018, the first Judith's Walk was held in honor of Judith Rowe, who lost her life to ovarian cancer in March 2017. Her husband, Dean, organized the walk as a way to remember his wife and raise awareness for ovarian cancer, as well as other types of cancers. Held on the last Sunday of February each year, Judith's Walk has become an annual event that has raised thousands of dollars to support cancer research.

Dean Rowe's main goal in life is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, and any funds raised are a bonus. The walk starts at the Willunga Rose Garden and follows the old Willunga train line before proceeding onto the Shiraz Trail. At the end of the trail, a bus, kindly provided by Woodcroft College, brings everyone back to the start line for speeches and the drawing of the raffle.

The turnout for the first Judith's Walk was approximately 100 people, including Dean's friends and family, local government officials, and a nurse who looked after Judith in her final days. The success of the event has inspired Dean and his supporters to continue organizing the walk each year, with the hope of raising even more awareness and funds for cancer research.

The legacy of Judith Rowe lives on through events like Judith's Walk. By raising awareness and funds for ovarian cancer and other types of cancers, we can help prevent others from experiencing the same loss that Dean and his family did. The next Judith's Walk is already scheduled, and Dean and his supporters look forward to another successful event.

Judith's Walk is an inspiring event that honours the memory of Judith Rowe and raises awareness and funds for cancer research. Dean's commitment to raising awareness of ovarian cancer and his dedication to this cause is truly remarkable. By participating in events like Judith's Walk, we can all make a difference in the fight against cancer. Let us continue to support Dean and his cause to help find a cure for cancer.

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