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SA Viking Festival

We are back for the second coming of the SA Viking Festival held on Warland Reserve in Victor Harbor from the 2nd - 3rd of October 2021. The event was sold out at the 1500 people per day limit, even with the reduced number the vendors report selling out of alot of local and hand made products which is fantastic and shows how much events like these are needed in SA.

Opening at 10am to the public we had already been in full swing since the the day before with all of the reenactors having moved in and started the viking life on Friday. Two full days jam packed with lots to see and do. Some of the attractions and vendors include:

We were stationed across from the main combat arena for good reason with the SA Scorpions full contact medieval combat team showing how hard they fight over both days. Some injuries were inevitable with one combatant heading to hospital after a heavy blow.

Tanna from Body Confident Personal Training & Massage joined me for the Saturday with her family who all had a great time enjoying the sights and sounds all the while contributing to the local economy.

Henry and Jason have done a fantastic job again this year arranging everything and are soon due for a well earned break.

Hope to see you again next year.

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