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UniSA AHPVSS - Round 1 - McNamara Park

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Here we are back again for round 1 of the University of South Australia Human Powered Vehicle Super Series (formally known as the Pedal Prix). Hosted at McNamara Raceway and the McNamara Motorcycle Club in Mount Gambier. The track is 2.4km long with a few sharp turns suitable for motorcycles and challenging for human powered vehicles.

An 8 hour race starting at 9am and finishing just after 5pm meant a long day of peddling for the 70 different teams in todays race. Track winner Aurora finished the day with 165 laps working out at over 400km over the days racing, their best laps average speed was over 53km/h.

A few rollovers on the turns added a bit of extra excitement to the day with the track marshals quick to return the competitor to the track. Nil reported major injuries and only some minor scrapes and a few blisters is a great result for the day and a testament to both the quality of the vehicles construction and the focus on safety by the organizers.

Results for the 7 different categories top 3 are below. Well done to everyone involved.

Category C7

1st Aurora

2nd Gunyah

3rd PR22

Category S3

1st Ashton Martin

2nd Firestorm

3rd Hound #1

Category C6

1st Super B

2nd Bruce Junior

3rd Young Guns

Category C5

1st Team 2 (Pipsqueak Racing)

2nd Feet First

3rd Stinger

Category S2

1st Larry

2nd Place Tempest

3rd Nemo

Category C4

1st Team 1 (Pipsqueak Racing)

2nd Visper

Category S1

1st Thunder

2nd Hurricane

3rd Mallee Madness

A great turnout and a great day of racing for all teams.

On a side note the food sold at the McNamara Park cafeteria was fantastic with a special mention to the Mac Park burger which is a crowd favorite. If you would like to know more about McNamara Park you can click here.

The next race will be a 6 hour event at The Bend Motorsport Park in Tailem Bend on the 14th of May.

All past, present and future racing details can be found here.

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