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Meadows Easter Fair

It's great to be back for the Meadows Easter Fair this year. Beginning in 1997 the fair has enjoyed an uninterrupted run apart for one year where is could not be held due to you know what.

Over the last 4 days of the Meadows Easter Fair we have had a total of 18,343 people came through the gates with our quietest day being the rainy Monday bringing in 3,455 people.

Ongoing works by Henry and Jason the event organisers have led to an expansion of the event again this year with them somehow being able to fit even more into the Meadows Community hall and surrounds then last year.

Stalls included products such as a variety of locally grown plants, food from all over the world, chili to melt you on the spot, leatherworking masterpieces, a petting zoo, iron artworks, show bags, antiques and much, much more.

A much cooler Easter this year was welcomed compared to last years scorcher. Some refreshing sunny days with a mild breeze with some light showers to end out the long weekend. This kept everyone happy and a great crowds across all 4 days.

Hope to see you all again next year.

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