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SA Viking Festival

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The SA Viking Festival in Victor Harbor is a new event this year which was born in part due to the cancellation of this years Barossa Medieval Fair and in part due to the demand for this type of event in the southern regions.

Some of the interesting exhibits and activities include:

Armored combat by the New Varangian Guard - Magnaura.

Demonstrations by the SA Scorpions Medieval martial arts combat team.

11th century reenactors showing off crafts such as leather working, carving, cooking and sewing.

Blacksmithing demonstrations courtesy of The Kendall Forge

A hand crafted Viking long boat from the Viking Longship SA group.

Other vendors included the Fire Bear Armory, Riks Grill, The Sword and Ox, Poffertjes, Rose Herbs and Honey, Highland Cattle, Outback Snoopy Custom Archery Bows, The Shifty Lizard Brewing Co, Deja Brew and The Armory of Wooden Weapons.

Musical entertainment by Siobhan Owen, The Piping Shrike and Greenwood Music.

This event was sold out weeks in advance with the ticketed capacity being 1,500 people per day due to COVID restrictions. Not only that but there was over 4,000 people on the waiting list and hundreds of people being turned away at the gate each day. Next year the goal is to be bigger and better with many more options for our interstate friends to come and see what SA has to offer.

Unfortunately on the Sunday we had to close early due to the advent of a storm with a total of 45mm of rain and strong winds over 12 hours washing out the site.

As the Nords would say, Vi sees igjen neste år. (See you all again next year.)

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