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Tacker Attack

Back for our third time with Tacker Attack at the Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park just south of Barmera. Operating over the full weekend Tacker Attack is evolving into full blown children's festival incorporating an ever growing assortment of fun things to do.

The commando course has grown to over a kilometre long with many new and challenging obstacles. There are also educational tours of the park in the fully enclosed trailer, night time rabbit spotting in the trailer which gives the adults a much needed break. Buggy hot laps are available for those who are game enough and that means for adults and kids. Rally driving lessons can be done with kids from ages 8 and up with a Loveday rally licence gained at the end.

Starting with a quick splash in an oversized puddle just to get them wet the course quickly transitions to the warrior walls with multiple types of climbing, crawling and balancing obstacles to get through which is made more difficult with the wet feet from the previously mentioned puddle. Deeper and thicker mud pits followed as well as slippery hill climbs, climbing nets, deep pits with rope climbs and plenty of tunnels to crawl through. The finish line photos show many happy and proud kids who had an awesome time. Back to the bar for a cold hose and a hot shower followed by some time on the playground while the parents enjoyed a few cold ones after having their own adventures with the course.

Finishing off the day sitting around the fire at the pub with fish 'n chip or pizza for dinner followed by heading back to camp exhausted but happy with the day.

I will see you all again next year.

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